4-Month Programme to Help Business Owners Stuck at £40k per year
go from UNcertainty and Overwhelm to UNstoppable!

Thanks to Kallum's advice, we were able to double the number of qualified leads coming to us within 2 months! We were also able to dramatically increase the number of leads that we converted into sales. I would highly recommend Kallum to other business owners looking to grow!

Perhaps the initial excitement of starting a business has worn off and you are starting to doubt yourself? You’re past the startup stage, you’ve made some sales and got some traction, but your business isn’t performing as well as you thought it would. Things can seem frantic, UNcertain and frustrating.

You’re caught in the UNknown Growth Zone! This is the gap between making around £40k sales per year, and where you’d REALLY like your business (and life) to be. 

What would it mean if you could:

I can help you with all of the above. The good news is that you can develop yourself and your business, so that you can live the life that you want. We can help you do this so that you can become UNstoppable!

Uh-oh! Not ANOTHER business coach promising that you can easily build a £1 million business?! All you have to do is buy this limited time offer that is available for today only, which contains THE ONE SECRET that will solve all of your business problems…? Nah, that’s not us. Over the past 13-years, I have run my own businesses, and my team and I have directly supported more than 350 small business owners in a variety of business sectors. I may not know your industry but I know how to get the most out of you and your business.

Every business coach or consultant says they can make you alotta money, however, few can back it up with real numbers. Below are some of our results.

Our Results

UNpreneur ran the Edinburgh Business School Incubator for

Here is a snapshot of our impact there for the year 2020 – 2021:

Before launching UNpreneur in 2020, my previous business, Acorn Enterprise, ran multiple Business Incubators in 3 different locations across Central Scotland.

Acorn Enterprise was a not-for-profit organisation that was established in 2013. We worked with 120 business owners from several industries in 5-month Business Accelerator Programmes.

In the final year of our programme (2019), the businesses we worked with in Dundee, Scotland achieved total sales of £1.5 million (18 businesses trading).

Building on the successes of Acorn Enterprise, I founded UNpreneur because it’s the business support I wish I had when I launched my first business after graduation.

UNpreneur delivers straight-talking business support without BS, ego or jargon. It’s just what you really need to know to grow a business here and now!

In less than three-years, UNpreneur has grown to be the UK’s largest external provider of Student Enterprise training for universities without ANY external investment!

We’ve worked with business owners and students at 31 universities in all four UK countries – that’s nearly a quarter of all of the universities in the country! 

The Roadmap to Being UNstoppable!

We know the roadmap to becoming UNstoppable. However, we can’t walk the path for you – it’s your business! What we can do is show you the right direction, ensure you don’t go off course, and help you to get there. 

We won’t promise that you will absolutely double your sales by the end of this programme. Every business, the environment it operates in, and people involved are UNique, different and special. Sorry to piss on your chips, but the truth is that there is no ONE solution to solving all of your business challenges. However, what we can guarantee you, is that if you’re committed to making real changes, put the work in, and make the most of all elements of UNstoppable!, the chances of you doubling your sales are much greater. 

This 4-month high-impact business programme is a mix of consulting, coaching, and coach-sulting! (or even “insulting!”, haha!). We like to call it UNstoppable! because this keeps it UN-brand and makes the UNpreneur Marketing team happy.

UNstoppable! is a no-nonsense 4-month Marketing, Sales and Growth Coach-sulting Programme that will help you to form a Marketing Action Plan (MAP) for your business, take action and get real results! 

Over the course of the UNstoppable! programme, we’ll work together to develop YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.

We’ll do this be focusing on the 4 main stages below. 

The 4 Stages of UNstoppable!

You may already be comfortable with some of these areas. However, our aim is to challenge you, show you alternative ways of doing things, and help you create a more impactful, sustainable approach to your marketing, sales and growth that gets real results.

We will help you become UNstoppable!

Ready to see what we can do together? Book your free discovery call now to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

What Makes UNstoppable Different from other Programmes?

"The UNpreneur team are very approachable, willing to listen and upbeat. Having been in the startup scene for a long time, they are very well connected and knowledgeable."

OK, What EXACTY Do I Get from the UNstoppable! Package? ​

Let’s get straight to it! Book your free 45-mins UNstoppable! discovery call now to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

So that we don’t waste your time, and you get the most value possible from this discovery call, we’ll ask you some questions when you book this.

Isn't There Already A LOT of FREE Business Advice?

Yes there is. However, most of the business support out there is aimed at those just starting, but what about the growth stage? You’re stuck in this UNknown Growth Zone: you’ve made you’re first few sales and your business has gained traction, now what…? 

Everyone wants to offer you business advice, but not all (free!) business advice is good.

It’s not that people go out of their way to harm you or give you bad advice, it’s just that they’re limited by their own experiences. Your family, friends and some “business” advisors (who couldn’t run a bath, let alone a business) don’t really get what you’re going through. And let’s face it, why should they?

You need the right advice, at the right time, from the right people. In other words, people who have actually done it, and give give you practical tips for this Growth stage. Not guidance from UNqualified non-preneurs, who are advising you from the sidelines.

So, before you take business advice from anyone, challenge it. These are the sort of questions you should be asking:

UNtil you run your own business, you don’t appreciate how challenging it is, or truly UNderstand the practical steps you need to take to grow. Simply put, you’ve gotta DO it to GET it. And that’s where UNpreneur can help you.

The final(ish!) word on FREE business advice is this: sometimes the amount of free business advice can be part of the problem. We know this can be overwhelming and confusing. One article says this, another says the opposite! Not to mention the flashy social media #influencers posing in their rented cars promising you get-rich-quick schemes. It’s important to establish what business advice is credible and what isn’t.

There’s also a BIG difference between HAVING information and knowing HOW TO IMPLEMENT it.  

We encourage you to make the most of the (right!) free business advice out there. However, when you are ready to invest in yourself and your business, the UNpreneur team can help you supercharge your business.

"UNpreneur say it how it is, removing the waffle and box ticking to focus on the practical steps you can take to improve your business!"​

Over to You...

As well as working with our university customers, UNpreneur is offering even more support to ambitious business owners who are serious about growth – hey, you! 👋

We have distilled the lessons learned from more than a decade of working with startups. Combining our own UNpreneurial experiences, as well as the insights gained from working with business owners in almost every industry.

From working with brewing and jewellery businesses, to companies developing technology for windmills – and everything else in between!


So, you have an important choice to make. Keep doing what you're doing and trying to figure it all out yourself.

Alternatively, save the pain, time and money by letting my team and I show you the path to what really works!

We can help you gain clarity, develop your skills and boost your confidence. We will show you the path to: doubling your revenue, having more time, and feeling more in control of your business. We will show you how to become UNstoppable!