UNleashed!: 12-Months of Student Enterprise Support for Universities

A 12-month programme of support to help Ambitious Universities offer high-impact, energetic & practical Student Enterprise support.

Available at three different levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold), the 12-months UNleashed! programme has a mixture of 1-2-1, group and one-to-many delivery methods to help your student UNpreneurs develop in a way that best suits them.

Pick a 12-month UNleashed! programme that meets your institution’s Student Enterprise objectives and budget.

"Complete with real-life experience and relevant examples, the team at UNpreneur made sure the sessions were relatable, interactive, and most importantly enjoyable for the students!"

– Lloyd Attrill – Student Enterprise Specialist Practitioner

University of Southampton

So, What Exactly is UNleashed?

"UNpreneur have developed sessions and programmes which are personalised, savvy and up-to-date. They definitely know how to get the mind ticking!"

– Nethan Punj – Lecturer and Advisor in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

University College Birmingham

What Student Enterprise Activities are Included
in the UNleashed! 12-Month Programmes?

We know that every institution is UNique and special, that’s why the 12-months UNleashed! packages are made of different elements so you can choose the right one for you to give you the most value.

Elements can include: access to monthly UNleashed! webinars, which cover a wide variety of business topics, access to UNpreneur’s online learning platform, business workshops, business mentoring, exclusive competitions and much more!

The Two Pyramids of Business Awesomeness Model!

  • Session 1 – The UNpreneurial Mindset: having the right mindset is critical. Adaptability, resilience, and resourcefulness. are key.
  • Session 2 – Customers: A business without customers is not a business. Attracting the right clients and how to keep them.
  • Session 3 – Vital UNpreneurial Skills –  We really focus on Marketing in this module. In particular storytelling and using it to define your mission and Unique Selling Point (USP).
  • Session 4 – Habits for Success – We’ll look at the importance of focus and understanding your motivations.
  • Session 5 –  Human Connections – Business is a team game. How to find and nurture your tribe.
  • Session 6 – Resources and Budget: Money, resources, mentoring. networking and how they define success.