Students and Graduates

We live in changing times. 

There are fewer graduate jobs than ever before. Competition for them is really intense.

So what are your options? 

  • Work in a job that you’re over-qualified for? 
  • Go back to studying for the wrong reasons becuase you feel it’s one of the few options for you? 
  • Sign on the dole, whilst applying for 100’s of jobs only to be ignored or rejected by them all?!

“I learnt so much about myself and businesses and I am so glad I took the risk and invested in the Business Stripped Back course because I know it will go a long way no matter what happens!”. 

– Isha Khalid-Aziz 

London Metropolitan University Graduate

So what are we promising you?

We feel your pain. These are really tough times. 

Maybe one option is to create your own job, by starting a business. Trust us, this is easier than you think! And it’s almost inevitable that you will work for yourself in some way in the future. 

Another option is to upskill yourself, by developing your entrepreneurial mindset and tools, so that you can make even more impact in an organisation. 

Whichever option you decide, we can help you!