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Public Relations Tips for Graduate Business - Unpreneur

Public Relations Tips for Graduate Business

PR Tips for new businesses

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Public Relations are one of the most valuable tools in the gradudate business arsenal.  We’ve brought together some PR tips for graduate business. Unpreneur is here to empower graduate business so we’re here to show you how, when and why you should be using it.

There is no set in stone way to practice PR, there are only perspectives. Be true to your values and align your public relations output with your organisation’s personality, your business objectives, your product offerings and most crucially, who you want to talk to and what you want to say to them.

None of us need to revisit the visual horror of the epic Weetabix and Baked Beans campaign on February 2021, but it garnered a huge amount of coverage, strengthened both brands and allowed them to show a more human side as their social accounts interacted with one another, much to the delight of their followers.

What Makes You Stand Out From Your Competitors?

  • Attention to detail: from a well-crafted, personalised email, to dropping in a box of biscuits for a client at Christmas.
  • Dedicate time to decide your values: craft a mission statement, communicate this internally and externally and review these regularly.
  • Going the extra mile for your clients: from scheduling a phone call out-of-office hours to putting them in touch with a professional in a sector they need advice from.

Why should I spend time on PR?

In an era of so much noise, whether it’s from social media, website traffic or people physically gathering to lobby on behalf of an issue, it’s absolutely crucial you that focus on building a strong, long-lasting reputation.

Practical Tips On How to Use PR

Public Relations is really focusing on a number of things at once. PR involves all forms of communication, as opposed to marketing, which is limited to outward messages that have the core purpose of selling.

PR Tip #1

Apply for relevant industry awards in order to bolster your credibility.

Real life example: The Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards are a pitching competition, where businesses will pitch for their chance to win up to £75,000 worth of business support.

PR Tip #2

Show those who support your business some love. Note: they aren’t just customers.

Real life example: Cirrus Logic, a semi conductor firm in Edinburgh consistently rank in the UK Great Place to Work competition with a range of great benefits, perks and special little somethings to staff.  During lockdown they sent regular care packages of smoothie boxes, games and movie night kits and pamper bags to their staff.  This is a great way to show your staff how much they are appreciated.  A similar idea for regular customers, or top social media engagers is also a great idea to get even more value from doing a nice thing.

PR Tip #3

Offer your free time to help other businesses, charities or community causes. For example, by volunteering, getting involved in your Community Council or joining a Board.

Real life example: Here at Unpreneur we really value our seminar hosts and mentors, many of whom give up their time free of charge to come in and share their business knowledge and contacts with our grads on the Business Stripped Back course. You know who you are and thank you for your continued support.

On A Final Note…

In short, excellent public relations activities showcase you being willing to network, share your expertise and build and sustain relationships with your supporters. This is so important as a small business with less time and income which you need to spend wisely. The more astute of you will have noticed that I didn’t mention press coverage or magazine articles once during this blog and this was intentional because today’s PR is much more than writing and sending press releases.

My advice? Get yourself out there and raise your profile! Be fun, be different and most of all, be you!

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