Straight-talking online business course for students & graduates serious about advancing in their career.

Impact Stripped Back is for College and University students & graduates who are serious about making an impact in their careers.

We know there is pressure from the government and industry to equip all students with Enterprise skills. Is this something you are struggling with?

If so, keep reading as we have something that can help your students achieve better graduate outcomes. We’ve been successfully working with colleges and universities that are serious about helping their students to make an impact – whether through starting a business or advancing in their career.

Our methods are tried and tested with more than 30 UK institutions. We understand what inspires students, and what skills employers are looking for.

After the success of UNpreneur’s first online course, Business Stripped Back (which is for students and graduates who dreamed about starting a business), we are VERY excited about launching our second online course: Impact Stripped Back.

This time, we want to help students and graduates who want to advance in their careers. Not all students want to start a business, but they can all make an IMPACT!

"Not only did I learn a lot about business, I also learnt a lot about myself too!"

–  Ayesha (recent Graduate)

So, What is Impact Stripped Back?

"Impact Stripped Back will help you understand business, and motivate you to give the best version of yourself!"

– Jeanne (recent Graduate)

What Topics are Covered in this Online Business Course?

We’ll introduce your students to UNpreneur’s “Two Pyramids of Business Awesomeness!” model.

It is vital they UNnderstand and master these so that they can make an impact in their career.

One pyramid focuses on YOU – the individual; and the other pyramid looks at the BUSINESS – the workplace (whether a company, charity, public sector organisation, social enterprise or other entity).

The Two Pyramids of Business Awesomeness Model!

  • Session 1 – The UNpreneurial Mindset: having the right mindset is critical to thrive in the workplace. You need to be adaptable, resilient, resourceful and much more!
  • Session 2 – Customers! Customers! Customers!: a business without customers is NOT a business. How do you establish what your customers really want? And more importantly, how will you deliver this VALUE to them?
  • Session 3 – Vital UNpreneurial Skillz We’ll really focus on the skillz you need to excel, particularly: communication, leadership, teamwork and more!
  • Session 4 – Habits for Success in Life & Business we’ll look at the importance of being self-aware and really understanding yourself. We’ll also explore the WHY behind the job you want. What are you aiming towards with your career and in life?
  • Session 5 – Vital Humans & Connections –business is a team game. You will need other humans to help you: internally and externally. From your boss, co-workers and mentors, they all play a supporting role on your journey. 
  • Session 6 – Commercial Awareness: Regardless of what business or industry you work in, you need to understand how it works. How does your organisation make money? What factors affect your industry? What are competing companies doing?