‘I’ll Be Back!”: 5 Tips for Success From Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Bodybuilder, actor, businessman, politician and activist. Just a few of the roles held by one of my (childhood) heroes, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Whilst I knew a little about each of these pursuits, it wasn’t until I heard him speak in Edinburgh a few day’s ago, that I felt I knew the real Arnie. Before we go […]

3 Lessons Learnt From Our Meeting with Jim McColl OBE – Owner of Clydeblowers

Recently, my business partner, Jerry Alexander and I sat down with Jim McColl OBE – one of Scotland’s entrepreneurial business leaders and owner of Clydeblowers – to have a conversation about the important work we’re doing here at Acorn Enterprise, to grow Scotland’s start-up business culture. We were lucky enough to get an hour with Jim and we left with our minds expanded! This […]