What to Do After College/University?…Start A Business!

“What to do after College/University?” is a question you’ve probably been wrestling with for some time. Life has changed dramatically over the last year and what looked like the normal path to follow, might not be right for this new world. You’ve invested a lot of time, money and energy to get to where you […]

Advice from a Recent Graduate for those Graduating from Colleges and Universities

Congrats graduate, on your huge effort to finish College or University. It’s a massive achievement! Glad it’s over? Remember when teachers used to say to you, “When you get older, you will wish you were back at school”? This is SO TRUE. You had it easy! Having just graduated from College or University, you are […]

3 Reasons Why All Colleges and Universities Need A Business Incubator On Campus

“We have a Business Incubator on campus, would you like to see it?”. We’ve met with several UK Colleges and Universities that claim they have a Business Incubator or Accelerator on campus and having visited many of them, we’re often left feeling confused, underwhelmed and, well, sad. Whilst it’s encouraging that many Colleges and Universities […]