Straight-talking online course for students & graduates serious about starting a business.

Business Stripped Back is for College and University students & graduates who are serious about starting and growing a business.

We have distilled the UNpreneur team’s collective experiences into this high-energy, practical and entertaining online business course.

Your learners will benefit from nearly two decades worth of knowledge to help them super-charge their progress!

Ultimately, we have created the online business course we wish we had when we launched our own businesses after graduation.

"This online business course definitely altered my mindset about entrepreneurship and squashed a lot of myths about running your own business!"

– Claire O’Sullivan (recent Graduate)

So, What is Business Stripped Back?

"Having completed Business Stripped Back, I'm now feeling a lot more confident about how to successfully manage and startup my own business. And I'm really looking forward to the future!"

– Michael Ellis (recent Graduate)

What Topics are Covered in this Online Business Course?

We’ll introduce your learners to UNpreneur’s “Two Pyramids of Business Awesomeness!” model.

It is vital they understand and master these so that they can develop themselves and their business.

One pyramid focuses on YOU – the business owner, and the other pyramid looks at the BUSINESS.

The Two Pyramids of Business Awesomeness Model!

  • Session 1 – The UNpreneurial Mindset: having the right mindset is critical as a business owner. You need to be adaptable, resilient, resourceful and much more!
  • Session 2 – Customers! Customers! Customers!: A business without customers is NOT a business. How do you gain more customers? And more importantly, the right ones?
  • Session 3 – Vital UNpreneurial Skillz –  We’ll really focus on Marketing in this module, particularly: storytelling, defining your business’s mission and developing your Unique Selling Point (USP).
  • Session 4 – Habits for Success in Life & Business – we’ll look at the importance of being self-aware and really understanding yourself. We’ll also explore WHY you’re doing this. What are you aiming towards with this business and in life?
  • Session 5 – Vital Humans & Connections – business is a team game. You will need other humans to help you: internally and externally. From team members, to mentors and advisers – they all play a supporting role on your journey.
  • Session 6 – Resources on A Shoestring!: What do you REALLY need to make progress with your business? Money, advice, connections? And how are you going to get these…?