The Inter-University Bootcamp - June 2023

The Inter-University Bootcamp brings together students and graduates from universities across the UK who are serious about growing businesses!

Now in its third year, the Inter-University Bootcamp 2023 will bring together students and graduates from universities across the UK to share experiences and work on developing their business ideas in a challenging and supportive environment.

This EPIC 4-week virtual Inter-University Bootcamp will be made up of 4 engaging, interactive and (fun!) practical sessions, designed to help students and graduates super-charge progress on an existing or pre-start business idea.

The Inter-University Bootcamp 2023 is brought to you by UNpreneur and Sheffield Hallam University. We are aiming to work with 20 universities (800 students and graduates!) on the Inter-University Bootcamp in June 2023. 

"The advice is phenomenal! You can ask any question you want, and no question is a stupid question. It was a fantastic Bootcamp and you should definitely sign up for next year!"

– Emma Hughes, founder of Freedom in Waves

(Ulster University Grad).

So, What is the Inter-University Bootcamp?

"So many stories have been told throughout the Inter-University Bootcamp that I will remember forever. This Bootcamp for me has been really life changing!"

– Naomi Conway, Founder of Footsteps Theatre

(The Sheffield College Student).

What Do We Teach on the Inter-University Bootcamp?

We’ll introduce your students and graduates to UNpreneur’s “Two Pyramids of Business Awesomeness!” model.

Mastering these fundamentals will help them develop themselves and their business.

One pyramid focuses on the business owner, the other on the business.

What Will Be Covered in the 4 Sessions of the Inter-University Bootcamp?

  • Week #1: UNderstanding Yourself –  having the right mindset is critical. It’s also essential to focus on your own goals and habits. Adaptability, resilience, and resourcefulness are key areas to master.
  • Week #2: UNderstanding Customers A business without customers is not a business. We’ll explore how to identify what problem you are solving, and for whom. In this session, we will also on practical marketing and sales skills.
  • Week #3: UNderstanding Business – We’ll cover the different types of company structure, from “sole traders” and “limited companies” to “social enterprises”. Money will be one of the core drivers of your success, so we’ll look at the different sources of money from idea stage to scale-up. 
  • Week #4: Panel Session: Hear from other UNpreneurs! – You’ll have the opportunity to hear from other student and graduate UNpreneurs in this special panel session! What they wish they knew when they were starting out, how they overcame challenges, and what their biggest lessons were. All will be revealed in this candid final session – you won’t want to miss it!