Entrepreneurial support for students & graduates without jargon, contradiction or BS.

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Who Are We?

We are UNpreneur.

An entrepreneurial support business set up by graduates, for students & graduates who are serious about making an impact in the world.

We’re creating the entrepreneurial support we wish we’d had when we launched our businesses after graduation.

What Do We Do?

Since 2013, our team has helped a huge number of higher education institutions deliver the most value possible to their enterprise students.

UNpreneur’s proven mentoring and entrepreneurial support and development techniques help turn ambitious students into innovative global change-makers,. Whether they start their own business or make an impact working in an organisation.

Why Us?

We’ve been there. Having successfully started and grown our own businesses after graduation. UNpreneur know exactly what students and graduates need to make their startup dreams a reality. And how to make a real impact in employment by thinking entrepreneurially.

Our team has worked with lots of students and graduates at many different Colleges & Universities since 2013. We’ve run Business Incubators and Accelerators and been supporting businesses for the best part of a decade.

UNpreneur have catalysed developments that have generated millions in revenues and have created 100’s of new jobs.

Working with lots of students & graduates, and running Business Incubators in multiple locations, has taught us so much. We’ve seen it all and solved it. Our goal is to  continue to distil these entrepreneurial lessons into a concentrated course that helps you grow yourself and make real impact fast, whether in your business or in your career.

We’re UNafraid

We’re UNafraid to challenge perceptions about what life after graduation should look like.

UNpreneur is all about getting on with what is necessary, developing yourself and making an impact, whatever path you decide is right for you.

We’ll cut through all the noise and help you find focus and reach your goals.

We UNderstand

We UNderstand how tough it is for students and graduates right now.

It can be difficult finding a job.

On the other hand, we also know how challenging it can be to launch and grow a new business. We all started our own businesses after graduation and we know just how much of a challenge that can be.

It can be confusing working out where to turn to for help.

Clue: It’s us.

We’re UNconventional

We’re UNconventional so we don’t nurture. We aren’t softly, softly. We’ll tell you the truth.

We filter out all the jargon, contradiction and BS and tell you what you really need to do develop yourself and make an impact – whether as a business owner or entrepreneurially-minded employee.

We’ll be direct with you and do all we can to guide you. What we won’t do, is give it to you on a plate, you’ll need to put the work in. If you really want results, you’re gonna have to take action.

UNpreneur only work with students and graduates who are serious about  their future. If you’re just mucking about, and aren’t interested in taking decisive action to build your own future, then we’re not right for you.

We’ll help you make the impact your were born to make. 

No nonsense entrepreneurship courses, training and mentoring for students & graduates who want to make a real difference here and now.

If this is you. Join our community of outsiders.

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